If you’re only interested in the serious meat eaters then this section contains nothing but the hungriest prehistoric carnivores to have ever existed on the planet earth.

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The Giganotosaurus existed during the Turonian stage of the late cretaceous period about 90 million years ago. It was first discovered in 1995 in the Argentinean region of Patagonia at the Rio Limay Formation by Ruben Carolini.

Tyrannosaurus Rex

The Tyrannosaurus or T. Rex existed in the late cretaceous period some 65 million years ago. A carnivorous dinosaur and an extremely popular icon in todays movie culture this dinosaur is probably one of the most talked and read about dinosaurs ever to have existed.


The Coelophysis was a small carnivorous dinosaur whose existance dates back to the Triassic period over 228 million years ago. It owes its name to the Greek root word “Koilos” which refers to something hollow while “Physis” simply refers to a form or structure.


The Allosaurus a member of the Allosaurid family was first discovered during the closing years of the 19th century by Othniel Charles Marsh in 1877. It existed in the late Jurassic period and almost all of it’s fossils have been in the Morrison Formation of North America.