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Lets face it learning about dinosaurs isn’t easy, in fact for many of us our familiarity with prehistoric reptiles goes as far as a handful of dinosaurs. In appreciation of this our learning resources section is designed to get you familiarised with the core subjects, and of course advise you of some great resources, articles and tools you can use to help you learn about the dinosaurs. To get started check out the links and sections below.

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Dinosaur Coloring Pages

It’s been a while since we released any new learning resources but here’s 10 awesome dinosaur coloring pages for your kids and students to enjoy. These are free to use for educational purposes.

Getting Started With Dinosaur Learning

Lets face it if you’re knowledge about dinosaurs is what you’ve learnt from the movie Jurassic Park then you’re missing a massive junk of interesting facts and details regarding a very important and interesting period of our planets history.