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Cretaceous Period

The Cretaceous Period was the last phase of the Mesozoic era and spanned for an interval of 75 million years from 135-65 million years ago. Although the dinosaurs died out in this period many interesting dinosaurs like the T-Rex and the Triceratops appeared during this time.

Jurassic Period

The Jurassic Period was the second phase of the Mesozoic era and quite possibly the most interesting. It spanned a total time period of around 65 million years and started around 205 million years ago right up to about 135 million years ago.

Triassic Period

The Triassic Period was the first phase of the Mesozoic era and spanned for an interval of 35 million years from 250-205 million years ago. Planet Earth was a very different place back then with the most common difference being the existance of no continents, just huge land mass.

Getting Started With Dinosaur Learning

Lets face it if you’re knowledge about dinosaurs is what you’ve learnt from the movie Jurassic Park then you’re missing a massive junk of interesting facts and details regarding a very important and interesting period of our planets history.

Dinosaur Timeline

The history of the planet Earth is divided into a bunch of time chunks so whether you’re looking at a time which existed 100 years ago or even as far back as 1000 million years ago you’ll need to learn the lingo used to classify each of these sizable time periods. The most important of these are aeons, eras and periods.

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